I spent approximately 22 hours on the island of Maui during my recent Saving Hubble tour of Hawaii.  JD Armstrong of the Institute for Astronomy, Maui, was my host.  I landed, JD and I setup the projection at the Institute, I took a nap at the Institute’s farmhouse (advice: get yourself a PhD, get affiliated with the Institute somehow, spend a night in paradise), I presented the film to an enthusiastic audience, I ate Malasadas with JD at Zippy’s, I went to bed, I had a cup of rocket fuel Kona coffee from the local deli (is that what they refer to as Maui Wowie?), then JD and I made the hour drive to the summit of Haleakala, the highest point in Maui.  Here’s the best part of the recording, presented as episode 1 of the Hubble Roadshow Podcast.  I have no idea when episode 2 will come out.